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About the MH17 trial

The Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Belgium and Ukraine are working together to conduct the international criminal investigation of the cause of the crash of flight MH17 and those thought to be responsible. On the basis of the criminal investigation the Dutch Public Prosecution Service (OM) took the decision on 19 June 2019 to prosecute the suspects.

Overview of the court dates 2020

The District Court of The Hague has reserved the following periods for the MH17 trial at the Schiphol Judicial Complex (JCS). The court has reserved these periods in order to ensure there will be space available to conduct hearings in the MH17 trial, as other district courts also use the JCS for legal proceedings.

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Timeline MH17 trial

What happened from the moment that flight MH17 crashed until the start of the trial and what happens after that? The timeline gives an overview of the various stages of the MH17 trial.

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The Dutch legal system

The MH17 trial is a criminal case conducted in the Netherlands under Dutch law. In Dutch criminal proceedings, all the parties involved – judges, the Public Prosecution Service, defendants and their lawyers, and sometimes the victim or relatives of victims and their lawyers, witnesses and experts – have different roles to play.

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Frequently asked questions

The District Court of The Hague answers the frequently asked questions of interested parties, relatives of the victims and press about the MH17 trial.

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