The hearings in the MH17 trial will take place at the Schiphol Judicial Complex (JCS) in Badhoevedorp. Relatives of the victims, interested parties and media have the following possibilities to be present in the JCS.

Relatives of the victims


If you are a relative, you can view the hearings by livestream. There is also a specific procedure for you if you wish to attend in the courtroom. Information on the registration procedure will provided to you through the usual communication channels.

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Interested parties


The court is hearing the criminal case in courtroom D in the JCS. This courtroom can accommodate all parties who have an ongoing role in the criminal proceedings, but is not large enough to hold all visitors and the media.

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A limited number of people will be able to attend in the courtroom. Accreditation can be requested. Also, the proceedings may be followed by all by livestream and the images are available using the procedure already in place. In the case of interviews please allow for a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

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About the Schiphol Judicial Complex (JCS)


Schiphol Judicial Complex (JCS) is a complex of buildings in Badhoevedorp used by a number of different organisations within the justice and immigration system.

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Rules and regulations


A courthouse is a public building accommodating multiple functions. On the one hand, it is an office building, where those employed by the Court and other services work. On the other hand, it is a courthouse, where court sessions take place.

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