The MH17 criminal case will resume on Monday, 31 August, as scheduled. The arrangements for the upcoming series of hearings have been adjusted due to the coronavirus and the related national guidelines. In practice, this means that fewer people can attend the hearings and that the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and of the justice authorities will apply. Everyone on site will be required to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from each other and people with mild cold symptoms or a fever will not be admitted to the JCS and/or the press centre. Needless to say, the trial may be followed by all by livestream as usual and images are available free of charge using the established procedure.

Court days reserved for autumn 2020

The court days set aside for autumn 2020 fall into three blocks of two weeks:
Block 3A – Monday, 31 August to Friday, 11 September
Block 3B – Monday, 28 September to Friday, 9 October
Block 3C – Monday, 2 November to Friday, 13 November.
It is not yet known whether the court will sit every day in these weeks. Circumstances may require that hearings be shortened, re-scheduled, suspended or even cancelled.


If you wish to attend a hearing of the criminal case, you must register. You may register to attend on more than one court day. Accreditation for the third hearing block will take place in successive phases. We will start with accreditation for block 3A. At the end of that block of court days, we will open accreditation for block 3B, and then later for block 3C.

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