Developments in the MH17 criminal proceedings on 23 March 2020

What lies ahead?

The Court will summarise what was discussed at the previous hearings, and what has happened since.

The Defence and the Counsel for the Relatives will be given the opportunity to address the Court.

In addition, the Public Prosecution Service will describe the criminal investigation. Their presentations are expected to take a number of days.

At the end of this block of hearings, the court will take any decisions needed and will look ahead to the next block of hearings starting on 31 August 2020.

Provisional schedule

The entire first week is expected to be dedicated to the introduction by the Court, possible remarks by the Defence and the Counsel for the Relatives and the presentation by the Public Prosecution Service.

Presently, it appears that the hearings will be adjourned after 12 June until 22 June 2020.

On that day, the Defence will receive the opportunity to submit any requests for investigative steps it might have, after which hearings will adjourn again until a later date, when reactions will be heard. The court currently estimates that this part of the hearings may conclude no later than Friday 26 June 2020.

Should the court need to take decisions further to the submissions, requests or applications made, the hearing will be adjourned until no later than Friday 3 July 2020 or earlier, if that is possible.

The court will not sit on 29 and 30 June 2020.

A certain degree of unpredictability is to be expected, when it comes to criminal proceedings. Circumstances may require that hearings be shortened, re-scheduled, suspended or even cancelled. The programme may be adjusted day by day.

Summary of the Day in Court

After the hearing each day, the court will deliver a summary of the day in court in the press centre. This summary may also be viewed on livestream. Media that are not present may submit questions by e-mail to The Summary by the District Court of the Hague will be followed by a press event hosted by the Public Prosecution Service. Questions for the Public Prosecution Service may be submitted by e-mail to