Today the prosecution took the floor, after the defence had addressed the court on 22 and 23 June 2020. The prosecution raised various matters and offered proposals for the subsequent course the proceedings.

Proposal from the prosecution about dealing with the substance of the case

Because the defence and the counsel for the relatives have said they need more time to prepare, the prosecution suggests scheduling the hearing on the merits of the case for February and March 2021 and giving the relatives the floor in May and June 2021.

Response to investigation requests

The prosecution responded to the investigation requests from the defence and has proposed that the court reject most of the investigation requests. The prosecution, however, suggest that a single additional investigation be conducted by appointing experts. The prosecution also supports the request to examine a limited number of witnesses and is willing to answer additional questions from the defence, for example about telecom data.

Response from the defence

In their response, the defence informed the prosecution about the right to examine witnesses and submit investigation requests, except if the defence has no reasonable interest in them. The defence persists in many of their investigation requests and believes that the investigation was incomplete.

Decision by the court

This Friday 3 July at 1:30 PM it is expected that the court will decide which requests from the defence, the prosecution and the counsel for the relatives shall be granted and which rejected. Alternatively, the court may require additional time for this. All this serves to prepare to deal with the substance of the case. When the case is to be heard on the merits has not been determined yet.