Today the court decided as follows on the requests relevant to progress in the investigation to be conducted by the investigating judge and on the request from the public prosecution service to arrange an inspection.

Additional questions to the expert from Almaz-Antey

Defence counsel has requested permission to ask the expert from Almaz-Antey more questions that could not be asked previously. This expert was interviewed by the investigating judge for four days, giving defence counsel ample opportunity to question this expert before. Next week this expert, as well as the expert from the Netherlands Aerospace Centre and the Royal Military Academy, will be questioned together for three more days. If time remains at the end of this examination, the investigating judge may give defence counsel the opportunity to ask the remaining questions. If no time is available for this, these questions may be put via the investigating judge to the expert and answered in writing.


The court has determined that an inspection of the reconstruction of the MH17 will take place on 26 May 2021. The court believes that direct observation is necessary, because this will enable the court to see directly the findings arising from the investigation of the damage pattern, the nature and concentration of the damage and the location of the soot deposits.

Only a limited number of persons will be able to attend this inspection. This is because of the location where the inspection will take place, on a military and secure site, in a hangar of modest size. In addition, COVID-19 measures may still be in effect. A limited number of press representatives will be allowed, but the inspection will not be open to the public. The court will provide livestream coverage.

The way forward

The hearing will resume on 22 April 2021 at 13:30 hours. At that point the court will decide on the requests pending.

The next hearing will be on 21 May 2021. The court will adopt an agenda for the inspection, indicating which parts of the reconstruction and which pieces of wreckage will be inspected on 26 May 2021.

Watch the livestream footage here: 
Livestream 16 April 2021 part 1
Livestream 16 April 2021 part 2
Livestream 16 April 2021 part 3