Exercise the right to address the court

If you would like to exercise your right to address the court at the time designated for this purpose, space will be made available for you in the courtroom. The presiding judge will determine the practical details of how this right can be exercised. You will be informed about this through the usual communication channels.

The law says that the following relatives of the victims have the right to address the court:

  • The spouse or partner of the deceased.
  • Blood relatives from the same direct line of descent as the deceased (the direct line of descent means people who are descended from one another, for example parents and children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren).
  • Blood relatives of the deceased from a collateral line, up to and including the fourth degree (this means people who are not descended from one another but who do have a common ancestor, so for example siblings and cousins; the degree is determined by counting the number of births that lie between the relatives in the family tree: for example the birth of the deceased, birth of a parent, birth of an uncle or aunt, birth of a cousin).
  • People who were depending on the deceased. These are people whose position is similar to that of members of the immediate family, but specifically refers to those who were financially supported by the deceased. For instance, this could include a child who the deceased had not officially acknowledged as their own or someone living in the same household who was not a blood relative of the deceased.

If you have queries regarding the accreditation process, you can contact the MH17 communications team by e-mail at registration.courtmh17@rechtspraak.nl.