Because the court decided on 2 November to extend the deadline for interviewing the witness Muchkaev until 10 February 2022, the court cannot conclude the presentation of the investigation yet.

The clarification by the Counsel for the Relatives (RBT) of the claims from the injured parties and the Prosecution’s address will take place on 8 December 2021.

If it is established in the near future that interviewing the witness Muchkaev before 10 February 2022 is not reasonably likely, the address by the Prosecution may take place earlier on the reserve dates scheduled (from 20 through 24 December 2021).

In that case, the Defence will be able deliver oral pleadings as scheduled previously, and the additional tentative schedule can be adhered to as well. For that tentative schedule, see the summary of the day from 6 September 2021.