Reporting the proceedings
The proceedings in the case MH17 take place in the Schiphol Judicial Complex (JCS). For journalists it is possible to be present in the JCS in the media centre as well as in the courtroom. The media centre offers room for up to 350 persons. In the media centre the District Court of The Hague will be showing live coverage of the proceedings. The aim is to create an experience that is similar to actually being present in the courtroom. This is offered because there will be a limited number of places in the courtroom for members of the media.

Access to the media centre and the courtroom for members of the media will be by accreditation only. More details will be published on this page and via our social media accounts in due course.

Find out more about news, press releases and scheduled hearings on the page Insights.

You can contact the press relations office, telephone number +31883611711.